Children develop their language and creative skill at this age. They have to listen and enjoy rhythmic patterns in rhymes and stories. The objective is to create a love for learning.


At this age child love to explore. They identify action words and one also able to make more. They involve in several ideas or actions. At this age child are confident to try new activities. They love to listen some of their favorite stories, rhymes, songs, poems or jingles. They can make comparisons between quantities and can also use words such as more and a lot. They enjoy filling and empty containers. They love to explore their immediate environment.


These children are confident to try new activities and express their likes. They love to work with stacking blocks vertically and horizontally, makeup enclosures and creating spaces. They also use movement to express feeling and create movement in response to music. They begin to represent numbers using fingers marks on paper or pictures. Their fine and gross skill develop and are ready to draw lines, patterns and figures like circle.


They give attention to what others say and enjoy stories, ask questions at the relevant time. This builds up vocabulary help them to use it in different play situations. They manage their own basic hygiene and personal needs successfully including dressing and going to the toilet independently. Children use their phonic knowledge to write words in ways which match their spoken sounds. They know some of the things that make them unique and can talk about some of the similarities and difference in relation to friends or family.

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