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Petals help my child to groom alot. she has learnt very much & become an extrovert & confident child. petals each & every celebration is outstanding & holds a special memory in our heart. Hats off to the loving & caring staff, teachers & helpers. Proud to be a Petalian!!

Mother - Kimaya

We really appreciate petals school for making us proud on the decision of choosing petals .You guys really work very hard to make each event special & memorable for every parent. No words to say but i would say in a sentence if we were kids then our wish would be to be a student of petals. Love you petals for encouraging Anika a lot.

Mother - Ankita Gupta

Petals has taught Myra so much... giving her so many opportunities in each field. it made Myra more confident & energetic. The teachers gave her so much love & attention. Thanks you for giving her a super start.

Mother - Myra Kwatra

Blessed to have a school like petals to start a new path of life of a child.Its our great pleasure indeed that our child came here in such a beautiful atmosphere. Expectations from new school will be same ,but nothing can beat a school like petals.Unforgettable. Thanks so much.

Mother - Paarth Dev Sehgal