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Swati Popat Vats

Swati Popat Vats

Advisory Member

Experience :  33 yrs


With more than 33 years of experience, Dr. Swati Popat Vats is the President of Podar Education Network and also the Founder Director of Podar Jumbo Kids, a  preschool and day care chain in India with more than 340 centers. She heads the Teacher Training wing of the company and is a Lead Assurer for the CACHE program. She is President of Podar Education Network and President of Early Childhood Association (India) and the National representative for the World Forum Foundation. She is also the nursery director of Little Wonders Nursery (UAE) that has branches in Jumeirah and Sharjah. She has received many accolades and awards for her contribution to Early Childhood Education and has been conferred the Fellowship of Honor from the New Zealand Tertiary College. She was the founder consultant for the Euro Kids preschool project in India and helped set up TATASKY’s children’s television activity channel, ACTVE WHIZKIDS. She is the founder expert on the world’s first video-based parenting website www.born-smart.com that helps parents understand and nurture brain development in the first 1000 days.

Swati has coined the term ‘Kiducation’ for early childhood teachers and parents to help them understand that young children need education from the point of view of their development. Swati has authored many books for parents and children and is a strong advocate of nature-based learning in the early years and promotes brain-research-based teaching and parenting in her workshops across the globe. Swati tweets and blogs on education and parenting and can be followed on @swatipopat or www.kiducationswatipvats.blogspot.in..

Swati has authored many books on parenting, teaching and for children. Mr. Pencil and Friends, How To Teach So Kids Can Learn, Are You Unknowingly Harming Your Child, How To Be A Super Mom, Play is the Work of Childhood, Yipes!, Why Does Zelda Need Stripes?, Lappu and the Magic of Paani have all received rave reviews. Recently, she authored the new-age fairy tale series that has revolutionized traditional fairy tales and made them more relevant for kids. The titles include 3 Little Pigs Save The Earth, Red Riding Hood And The Wolf That Liked Healthy Food, Goldilocks And The 3 Magic Words and Hansel And Gretel And The Kind Old Lady. Other books recently authored by her-Growing up with Mahatma Gandhi, Why did Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill fall down?, The Tiger, the Sparrow and the Bee.