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Pawan Kwatra

Pawan Kwatra


Experience :  15 yr


I firmly believe that children are our legacies, our responsibility and our destinies.

Petals, India’s preschool club, strives to instill the spirit of resilience, sense of pride and understanding of their roots.

The values imbibed here at school and at home in early years lay a firm foundation for the future of children.

We need a paradigm change to the learning system to harnesses the various skills and abilities of children and provide them an integrative learning & thinking mindset, groom their holistic personality, and above all equip them with competitiveness as well as compassion, for achieving future success.

Petals is designed to inculcate a passion for learning and exploring information at an early age by using an innovative curriculum in an enriching environment to enjoy learning conducive to develop critical skills and abilities in kids that will benefit them in school and throughout their lives.