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    Our rich and unique environment supports children’s learning and development. It gives them the confidence to explore and learn in secure and safe yet challenging indoor and outdoor spaces. Our attempt is to make the most formative and beautiful years of our student’s lives a joy forever.
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    Enable Programme

    The program focuses on enabling little ones to be engaged in mind and body in an organized and planned approach to negate the subconscious effect of a mental block of the pandemic, which will loom large when they become teenagers.

    AGE 3 - 5 YEARS
    Fees - Rs 5000 per month

    Catch up Programme

    Programme to tickle the thinking quotient of the child, once a week, in the ACCELERATED CLASS, by taking them. Through higher-order thinking skills matter and problems. This will give them an extra edge above others.

    AGE 6 - 9 YEARS
    (CLASS I, II & III)
    Fees - Rs 5000 per month

    Recap Programme

    Accelerated Programme enables the young ones with an opportunity to cement the concepts of last academic year, which was just hurriedly crammed or remained unclear because of the

    AGE 10 -14 YEARS
    (CLASS IV, V, VI, VII & VI)
    Fees - Rs 5000 per month

    Crash Course for Session 2021 – 2022

    Days Crash Course

    Crash course powered by petals is designed for students looking to strengthen their concepts within 3 months, lost during pandemic sessions.

    0 +
    Core concepts

    Thorough revision of concepts to score high in exams lost during the pandemic.

    Live Sessions

    An interactive & appealing learning platform with a perfect blend of 62 live-streamed classes, offline activities, worksheets and sessions on creative expression. 

    1-2- 1
    One to One Mentoring Session

    In the online learning session, students get one-on-one attention, which helps them learn a topic thoroughly.



    Free Study Material After Enrolling

    1:15 Sessions

    Live Classes for All Subjects

    Olympiad Question Solving Preparation Once a Week

    Assessment after Completion of Every Concept

    Accelerated Crash Courses

    Our Storytellers


    Mock Coaching Centre is designed for the better understanding of students. The course will cover only the necessary information and important topics to secure a good rank. This can save a lot of time, allowing you to focus on important topics rather than preparing for everything.

    You will get Gold Participation certification as a part of the mock crash course powered by Petals. In addition, these certifications enhance your academic credentials. The crash course prepares you to thoroughly grasp the 100+ concepts required to clear the exams, thereby ensuring that you get certified.

    Petal’s mock coaching centre will make sure to solve all your doubts and queries related to the subject. Our online courses provide live mentor support to the students who find themselves stuck on a complicated problem or topic. Make sure you enroll in the best mock crash course to top the exams. All the best!

    The course’s curriculum, content and delivery are designed specifically for online learning. Our online instructor understands how learners learn and how to leverage technology to help them take in and retain information.
    Petal’s teacher and tutor are extremely experienced in terms of managing online classes. They will ensure that kids stay engaged and interested via fun activities and in-between doubt asking, and interactive sessions.
    Yes we will follow the CBSE curriculum.
    We Create activities for all types of learners. We created a variety of group and individual activities that appealed to different learners. We also let students interact with texts in various formats: Novels, digital readers, and (after completing the book) videos. Students were then evaluated with a paper or performance assessment. To help students focus on improving their overall academic performance, we’ll be providing them the revision assignment to review their progress after every concept.
    Yes, Petal’s mock course will include course content, worksheets, assessment and doubt clearing facilities after every concept.
    Yes, we provide preparation for Olympiad rendering exposure to Olympiad question solving once a week in such classes.
    The classes will be in the evening catering to the needs of parents and students.
    Nothing beats learning from an expert. At Petals, opt for a mock crash course from the subject expert and strategist with years of experience in online teaching. The trainer’s in-depth subject and industry knowledge help you gain unparalleled insights into the concepts. Experience the multi-dimensional approach to understanding the core concepts and get that competitive edge.
    Yes, we will be giving the demo classes to the student.
    No, we do provide content of the mock crash course as well as free study material.
    Once you confirm your admission with an academic consultant, you will get an online payment link to make the fee payment.
    Once a month, counseling to the parents will be given to cope with their personal doubts and stress.

    Petal’s classes are live-led classes where the educator is available during the whole span of class. The 1-on-1 interaction of petal’s Mock Coaching Centre helps the student engage in the betterment of their social growth.

    Whereas other online courses are majorly based on recorded sessions, it is difficult for students to ask questions. It is one-way communication that is hardly helpful.

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