Early childhood period is a most crucial period of human mankind. At this age children learn most with their senses and love to explore. Through different activities they learn important lessons about Group learning ,Give and take and how to communicate .All help them to achieve Holistic Development.


Apart from a huge outdoor play area, we also have a Sports Center that offers a range of indoor games including Balls pool,sand pit ,creative wall, trampoline, slides and swings, horse riding to students.


A music-and-movement programme develops rhythm and co-ordination in the child for self expression.


Children certainly benefit from going on excursions, as they have the opportunity to experience life beyond the classroom with their teachers, peers or family. Through taking a trip children can observe social systems and the roles people play within them, such as fire and police protection, traffic control, banking, shopping and other relative systems.


You can take kid out of the camp but you cannot take the kid side out of it. Quality Camp is organised in the school for the children to explore and learn different things in the field of Art & Craft, Dance and English pedia.


Dramatic play is s a type of play where children assign and accept roles and act them out. it is play that involves breaking down the barriers of reality and results in serious and natural learning.


There is no better moment for anybody than witnessing a child’s joy as they sit at the potter’s wheel for the first time and place their wet hands on slowly spinning clay! Clay, and its necessity to be touched, is at once familiar to children. The sensory experiences they encounter in our pottery studio are numerous and as they experience the texture and feel of the clay, the students express what they are sensing with uninhibited enthusiasm; Clay asks to be poked, pinched,twisted and rolled and as they handle it, children develop both fine and major motor skills and realize that they have an effect on the clay as it responds to their manipulation.


A dental Camp is organized every year children are examined for various dental problems and given instructions and advised to maintain good oral hygiene.


An eye camp is conducted by a team of Doctors. Here, school children are examined for their vision and are advised accordingly.

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