Dear Parents,

We all know that children construct their understanding of the world through experiences. In order to make learning real, children need to explore, ask questions & assess their understanding. This approach underpins Petals Preschool, known for the most innovative curriculum, fully packed with practical investigation & outdoor learning. Allow your child to unleash his true Potential.

Petals Preschool is a well-recognized accredited pre-school managed by Mrs. Preeti Kwatra, the founder of the chain of Petals, India’s preschool club. She is a true mentor, who inspires her students, invokes a love for learning in them and encourages them to pursue excellence. She is great visionary who is working in the field of education since last 15 years . She believes not just in conventional education but also focusses on the values, ethics and personal grooming of each child.

Mrs. Preeti Kwatra's vision has been recognized in the form of awards she has been facilitated with like SOE Global Education Award For Best Practice Innovation, Best teachers award by Trans Yamuna Public School, Shiksha Ratan Award by Rashtriya Samta Swatrantra Manch and many more.

Petals is an innovative, vibrant, creative & energetic organization where each one of us strives through our practices to whole-heartedly serve children & make every learning moment a joyful, effective & meaningful one. Today children need to collaborate & compete in a globalized world. A world that requires a strong foundation right from the beginning. Petals is a unique “extended pre-school” that addresses those early-learning needs. We have nurtured more than 5000 students since our inception.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to assure learning experiences that will assist our students in achieving their greatest potential by making them discover the joy of learning, and awakening & illuminating their intellect in multi-dimensional ways to enable them to make path-breaking changes in the social fabric of the world.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide natural and holistic child-centered learning environment that empowers & inspires our students to be conscientious, creative & innovative leaders of tomorrow.